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Research Achievements

Research Achievements


Patent Results:

In the past three years, the company included in the national new products 3 items, the implementation of the national torch plan 2 items, listed Ningbo City new products city-level plan 30, won the provincial science and technology progress award 2, the city science and technology progress award 2, the county science and technology progress award 9. 35 patents were filed, of which 15 were invention patents; 32 patents were granted, of which 13 were invention patents; At present, the company has a total of 85 valid patents, including 23 invention patents.

Key research results in recent years:

1, environmental protection gas insulation ring net cabinet

2, solid insulation ring net cabinet

3, full immersion type inflatable ring net cabinet

4, 3150A high-current inflatable cabinet

5, wind tower built-in water-cooled dry transformer

6, S11-5750kVA/37/0.69 oil-immersed transformer

7, 12 to 40.5kV prefabriced cabin

8, 110kV prefabribriuled cabin substation

9, ZBW1-12/2500kVA high-capacity pre-installed substation

10, box inverter pre-installed substation

11, 5MW wind power dedicated Chinese box change

12, 1500V DC traction switch cabinet

13, intelligent modular terminal distribution system

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