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Leading technology, superior quality, safe and reliable, responsible and honest

Tianan strictly implement its quality policy of “Leading technology, superior quality, safe and reliable, responsible and honest”, has set up ISO9001 quality system, ISO 14001 environment system and OHSAS 18001 profession health safety system, extended segments of design, technique, manufacture, inspection, supply, sales, service environment, safety, health as well as various quality factors to all levels of company quality management.

Enhance overall quality management system construction, strictly implement quality engineer responsibility system, strengthen product quality management, extend product quality responsibility to each individual.

Tianan holds “quality month” annually, to reinforce quality training and quality policy propaganda, improve employees’ quality awareness.

1. Establish the correct quality cost control sense

Establish the correct quality cost control sense, strengthen people training, fll-understand four

Jiaks of quality cost control, such as internal failure cost. external failure cost, appraisal cost and prevention cost, promote the organic connection between product quality and cost accounting, and form a modern cost concept of technical and economical.

2. Quality cost

Establish quality cost control department and manage network, clear fll-time staff, implement position responsibility, and overall undertake quality cost management work.

3. Make quality cost plan

Make quality cost plan, clear quality cost control objective, and disassemble to quality cost control point, and count, analyze, supervise, adjust and limit the four cost items.

4. Implement quality cost economic responsibility system

Implement quality cost economic responsibility system, control quality cost according to the stage of product design & manufacture & running, analyze quality cost factor, set prevention cost control target, implement position economic responsibility, connect the quality cost target assessment with reward (wage, bonus) of each responsible department, achieve the rewards and punishment distinct. Meanwhile, develop innovation actions of cost reducing, and reward innovative performance.

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