Feeling Of Tianan

Feeling Of Tianan

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A .Judging hero by morality and talent

Looking back tianan’s growth process, it is not difficult to find tianan’s successful esoteric, the most important reason is its way of making use of personnel--- Judging hero by morality and talent.

“No matter where you come from, you can be tianan staff as long as you are talents” only because of this big heart, all kinds of talents come here across the nation.

B. We will provide a good stage, and that if you can make achievement depends on you.

Tianan always thinks for scientific and technological talents no matter on aspect of salary, housing, insurance, professional title appraisal, children’s education and registered permanent residence to meet there’s living needs. For the talents with great contributing, other than a certain amount of share, there also are villadom and limousine as rewards. Tianan wards excellent staff with expert building, which is a group of villa-clusters located in east valley lakeside in xiangshan county. More than 200 Suites of three-bedroom flat named Tianan community is located in south and west of xiangshan county, which is staff dormitory for scientific and technical personnel built by company. In order to resolve staff’s housing problem, tianan builds five hotel-type science and technology building. There is just one feeling among all staff: tianan thinks too much for staff.

C. Staff is the best valuable treasure of company.

In tianan’s talent dictionary, talent is not freeze-frame, as long as you have ability and professional skill, you are talent. In the lathe worker, fitter, welder, etc skill competition hold in city or county, tianan will cultivate the winner as technology backbone and reward emolument. All talents work on its job and free develop ability to plant ideal, harvest achievement for tianan.

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