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Tianan culture profile

With the enterprise’s continuous development and growing in industry, the leaders pay attention to cultivating healthy and mature enterprise culture fairly. Through focusing on the management idea of “honesty forever”, thoroughly carrying out the quality idea of “quality is personality”, and making the quality concepts of “quality in my heart, quality in on hands” and “all is for customer satisfaction” being a consensus in the staff, and translating into conscious action. The enterprise spirit of “Living Dangerously, Fight Endeavour” is crucial in Tianan development process. Inspired by enterprise spirit, the staff continually enhances the sense of hardship, progression and creation, creating domestic first-class brand and fostering a good company image. In order to making the idea taken deep roots in the heart, building a “learning-oriented enterprise”, Tianan set up a first Enterprise Party school in city, establishing Tianan training center, through propaganda and education of management and quality idea, the quality of professional ethics and technical and professional has been improved, and the individual values of the staff and the social values of enterprise have been unity. Focus on a common target, being a concerted and collaborative team spirit, improving centripetal and cohesive forces, strengthening enterprise competitive.

Up to this day, the Tianan enterprise cultural construction is practiced by the leadership, and integrated focusing on management practice, and the outstanding cultural orientation and cohesive force gives more vigorous, realizing culture enterprise and being which has characteristic.

Living Dangerously, Fight Endeavour

“Living Dangerously, Fight Endeavour”, which is the core of enterprise culture. It rooted in the mid-1980s, and which is spiritual pillar and guidance of Tianan, and which is foundation and power of Tianan building. “Living dangerously” is meaning that Tianan maintain sufficient crisis awareness in challenging severe market competition, meantime, knowing advantage and disadvantage. “Fight Endeavour” is meaning that Tianan runs into difficulties and never flinch in market economy. The sea is turbulent, to the character of a hero. Tianan creates first-class produces, performance and enterprise through continually fight and endeavour.

Creation in work, work with creation

This is an innovative ideas Tianan pursued, and which is an important part of Tianan culture. Tianan makes great efforts to cultivate staves’ strong innovative desire in work, making the staff innovate continuously to enrich intension of enterpriser culture.

“Creation in work” is meaning that the creation shall be based on specific practical work, and do one’s own job down-to-earth, not ignore any part sections, reflect on every detail in work, finding variable details, and change it tending to perfect as possible.

“Work with creation” requests us keep a good creative state all the way, finding work breakthrough in positive working attitude and highly responsible professional spirit, and arousing ability of thinking and creation. The creation is to deny yourself and pushing yourself, and have new gargets continuously, which concrete expression to every production process, every technical design and every arrangement detail, which shall blaze a new trail and explore a new method rather than conformism.

Regard now as backward

The awareness of unexpected development and Strule spirit of “Living Dangerously, Fight Endeavour” makes the development of Tianan rising steady, meantime, feel the development is more difficult than startups, only to fight. Therefore, the enterprise spirit kept with times, getting new extension. “Regard now as backward” is a burning desire for “Enlarge, Strengthen and Perfect”, and which is a higher require and a greater ordeal facing global economic integration. Tianan shall face new competition, based on today, fight with tomorrow, seizing the hour, being self-discipline. But make the future more brilliant only to regard now as backward. That is a inexhaustible driving force for Tianan and a big goal of “Ever-lasting Tianan”.

Quality is personality

In a country has thousands of years civilization, the quality and behavior is given broad and profound intension by people, and its supreme pure, unattainable and unbridgeable moral baseline is admired by countrymen. But Tianan takes a fancy to its gold content and integrity degree, and brings the changing demand concept of market and users into enterprise culture in market practice, coming into being honest Tianan, explaining quality with moral quality, driving market by quality and making market steady. Tianan put forward the quality concept of “Quality is personality”, making the product quality, working quality and service quality raise to the height of personality, regarding which as staves’ professional ethics education, and being a company having customer satisfaction culture and boutique culture based on this quality concept. The product guaranteed by personality is a kind of distillation of deep meanings.

Equity and communication

This is a basic principle of people-oriented management. The development of Tianan Group attracts more and more management, technical and marketing personnel with ambitious and capable to join in. The work style of new staves will be coordinated and fitted with company culture. And the old staves as well as desire enterprise developing, thus, Tianan creates a “equal dialogue, communication” mechanism and atmosphere, based on a manner with equality, democracy and respect, understanding the requests of staves’ thought, work and life and useful suggestions through normal and right channel, and coming into being a harmonic and good interpersonal communication and environment.

Talent based on moral

This is a principle for talents choosing and employment. At the beginning of the development, Tianan Group is started with mostly relatives and friends. With the company developing and growing, the negative effect of character weakness, such as moderate and conservative, lopsided psychology, irrational, will be exposed gradually. Parts of older staves’ ideology are difficult to keep up with the development of company, and even to deal with external shocks uniting small groups to protect vested interest. Therefore, in order to create harmonious “Tianan Family”, adapting the request of management innovation, the enterprise can’t regard qualification as first, not to assign priority according to closeness or not employ based on regional difference. All personnel’s talent based on moral, and only to choose and use the morality, ability and knowledge personnel. The talent concept is laying a good foundation for Tianan leap-type development.

Everyone is administrator

This is needed for enterprise development strategy. With Tianan rapidly developing, the problems of strategic management are appearing. The enterprise strategy is an overall plan obtaining long time survival and development when facing environment changing rapidly. In order to organic combination of overall strategy, ie. long time development task, and realizing task, the enterprise starts all staves join in business management and plan enterprise development program. The establishment of MD email box and carrying out rationalization proposal make the staff put forward own ideas and suggestions to senior. Especially, rationalized construction with task combines staves’ personally professional profession plan and enterprise fate, making the staff regarding us as administrator, embodying enterprise good we good. Meantime, make the enterprise revaluate some unconformable problem in business philosophy, management aim, principles and policies when making the strategic programming according to environment and organization goal change, creating in good time, making enterprise form specific strategy attributes and competitive advantage.

Honesty forever

Honesty and trustworthiness are the oldest moral rules, a fine tradition of Chinese nation and a traditional morality made by Tianan as standard. Pay attention to honest is a foundation of Tianan. Tianan firmly believe that honest is the most important in business, genuine with friends, devote to build “Honest Tianan”. “Honesty forever” is meaning that be honest to customers, products and work, and which shall be in all business activities, becoming ideal, belief and moral sentiments.

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