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Our high-voltage switchgear mainly includes outdoor AC high-voltage isolating switches of 220 kV, ZF41B-126 gas insulated switchgear (GIS) of 110 kV, LW39-126 outdoor AC high-voltage SF6 circuit breaker, GW4-126D outdoor AC high-voltage isolating switch and GW5-126D outdoor AC high-voltage isolating switch.
The voltage levels of medium voltage switchgear series products cover 12 kV, 24 kV and 40.5 kV, including ring main unit, fixed type switchgear, centrally installed switchgear, handcart type switchgear and other switchgear. The insulation methods are air insulation, SF6 gas insulation, environmentally friendly gas insulation and solid insulation. The altitude of XGN49-40.5 inflatable cabinet(C-GIS) meets the requirement of 5000 meters, and HXGT10-40.5 inflatable ring main unit has obtained the certificate of "National Key New Product".
Low voltage switchgear series products include drawer type switch cabinets such as Okken, Blokset, MNS2.0, 8PT and GCT(MNS), GCS and GCK, GGD fixed cabinet, QPT1 DC traction switchgear, distribution box XTE1, XL, Prisma, PZ30, DFW2, XJ, JP and IMTD intelligent modular terminal distribution system, etc. Among them, Okken, Blokset, MNS2.0 and 8PT are cabinet types used with international brands such as Schneider, ABB and Siemens strategically. IMTD intelligent modular terminal power distribution system is a newly developed intelligent terminal power distribution series product with 5G communication technology.
The company's box-type substation series products include seven categories: European-style box-type substation, American-style box-type substation, Chinese-style box-type substation, light box-type buried substation, prefabricated cabin-type substation, vehicle-mounted mobile substation and cable distribution box. The voltage level covers 6 kV to 132 kV. Among them, ZGS-ZG/35 American box-type substation for photovoltaic power generation has obtained the certificate of "National Key New Product".
The company's transformer product series include 220 kV power transformers, special transformers, 35 ~ 110 kv power transformers, 10 ~ 20 kv distribution transformers, etc. In 2012, a 10 ~ 35 kV tower built-in water/air-cooled circulating dry-type transformer for wind farm was independently developed in line with the development needs of offshore wind power.
The company's component product series include 12 kV, 24 kV and 40.5 kV indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers and vacuum (SF6) load switches and combined appliances, 40.5 kV outdoor SF6 high-voltage circuit breakers, and 0.4 kV low-voltage frame circuit breakers and molded case circuit breakers.
The company's integrated equipment includes 12 ~ 40.5 kV prefabricated cabin substations, 110 kV prefabricated cabin substations, 6 ~ 132 kV vehicle-mounted mobile substations, SVG, APF and TAVF series high-voltage frequency conversion speed regulating devices and other equipment.
A novel high torque density permanent magnet composite motor is a magnetic transmission device which is closely integrated with a magnetic gear and a brushless permanent magnet motor. It is a high-tech product independently innovated by Ningbo Tian'an Group and has obtained many national invention patents.
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