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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

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Tianan is engaged in the development of enterprises, meantime pay more attention to charity, giving money generously and return to society.

In 2000, Tianan donated three hundred thousand to education career.

In February 2001, Tianan paid five hundred thousand to set up “Tianan Group Charitable educational Fund”, support various excellent & poor students with value added part of the funds, help them complete their studies, and at the same times launched all the staff to carry out the donation activity, support education career.

In September 2002, we donated 2 million to found “Ningbo College Student Fund” launched by the Communist Youth League for subsidized the full time undergraduate and junior college, excellent & poor students in Ningbo, ensure that they are not can’t go to school or drop out of school due to poverty. In recent years, we has donated to the Xiangshan Chunhui Kindergarten, Jiguan Kindergarten, Experimental Primary School, Linhai School, Dancheng No.3 School, Xiangshan Middle School and Xiangshan No.2 Middle School, help the school to improve operating conditions. Our company won the “Zhejiang Green Award”

Since 2000, the company has paired with two poor village at Gaotang township and Dingtang town, we support more than ten thousands each year to help build the villiage public welfare undertakings.

In February 2005, company founded “Scholarship Fund” in Xiangshan County People's Education Foundation for award excellent & poor middle school student per each year. At present, this scholarship has been benefited for many middle school students of Xiangshan Middle School, Xiangshan Second Middle School and Xiangshan Third Middle School etc.

Company founded Xiangshan Tianfu Electrical Co., Ltd that trying to expand channel of employment and absorb more than 100 disabled people to the job that they earn their own livings and make a contribution to social stability and economic development.

In 2005, Company donated more than four hundred thousand Yuan for subsidize “Mercy Orphan Works” and various senior citizen in the county, helped solve the tuition fee of 438 orphans, give the old man lives difficult allowance and help add welfare of some the senior citizen association in county.

In 2006, Company supported for poverty alleviation in Xinjiang, donated one hundred and fifty thousand Yuan to solve local people suffering.

In 2007, we sponsored six million yuan to set up a charity fund.

Tianan won the title of "Ningbo Ten Gig Charitable Enterprise" , and was elected to ten new personalities and new deeds of spiritual civilization construction in county.

According to preliminary statistics, Tianan Group has been donation already 20 million Yuan for society and become the Model of Xiangshan Charitable Corporate.

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